The publisher of the symposium proceedings is Elsevier. The proceedings will be published in an online issue of Procedia Engineering on and be made freely accessible (open access) in perpetuity to a worldwide audience.

Besides the five main topics, the Scientific Committee also welcomes abstracts and papers on built projects (from small to extra-large scale), especially if they illustrate advancements related to these topics.

Abstracts should be submitted at You will need to create an EasyChair account to submit.

Queries regarding submissions should be addressed to John Chilton (

Presentations are at 25 minute intervals, we suggest that your actual presentation is no longer than 20 minutes long, which will allow for questions and change over. Please keep to time to ensure the Symposium runs smoothly.

Please review the programme on line in case of late amendments.

Presentations should be emailed to by 12 noon Tuesday 25 October. This will ensure that they can be loaded onto the Symposium laptop. This is particularly important for Wednesday morning presentations. Any presentations not sent before this deadline should be taken on a usb to the IT technician in the break before you present.

To assist with identifying presentations, please name your presentation file using the following template:

  • Day time (A or B if parallel session) author surname e.g. Fri 1655 A Cremers.

In addition to emailing your presentation, you should bring your presentation to the Symposium on a usb.

All presentations will be run through the Symposium laptop; it will not be possible to present from your device.

Technical information

  • Presentations will be run through laptops running Windows 10 with PowerPoint 2013 v15.0; MAC users to save their presentation as a PDF
  • Please avoid streamed items in presentations
  • Please advise us in advance if you wish to show video clips / require sound output
  • Powerpoint screensize should be Standard (4:3) - not set for widescreen

If speaking in the Hall (all sessions except Parallel B sessions), please go to the AV desk in the break before you present so that microphones can be set up.

Newcastle University External speaker policy

Please note that all speakers taking part in an event hosted by Newcastle University are required to act in accordance with the University’s External Speaker Code of Conduct.