Keynote Speakers

Gordon Mungall

  • Associate Director Arup
  • Keynote Lecture: Unlocking the Potential of Insulated Fabric

Gordon Mungall is an associate director at Arup. He is jointly responsible for the structural building engineering design group at the company's Newcastle office. He has led the structural teams involved in constructing some of the most iconic buildings of recent times, including the London Aquatics Centre and the V&A Museum at Dundee, where complex geometry has not only challenged how structures can be analysed and designed, but also how they can be constructed.

Keynote Lecture: Unlocking the potential of insulated fabric

The Newcastle University's Key Building project has challenged convention for both client, designers, and contractors. Gordon will give a presentation based on the experience gained leading the design of The Key Building, on how the specialist industry should potentially consider the lessons learned to maximise the potential of this uniquely efficient material, and how this could impact on the approach adopted for the future.

[ presentation: PDF ]