Olubusola Eshiet

  • Director: Optimalpath Consulting Ltd

‘Swinging the door open’


Busola has broad experience in pioneering and managing literacy projects. She has designed and managed curriculum change projects involving the training and mentoring of nearly 20,000 Early Years teachers. These projects have had a positive impact on the literacy skills of more than 1,500,000 children in the developing world.

She has developed a strong network with many top education policy makers and with publishers, businesses, academic institutions, and charity organisations who share similar passion for reaching people with literacy skills. Busola continues to conduct research into literacy skills for beginners and intervention skills for struggling readers. She also develops resources e.g. textbooks and readers for learners to enhance the teaching of literacy in English as Second Language contexts.

She created her company, Optimalpath Consulting, with the sole purpose of improving literacy rates. Busola is currently working on plans to involve Optimalpath Consulting Ltd in local literacy initiatives in the North East.

She is motivated to help equip as many people as she can with literacy skills.