Csilla Csoke

  • PhD student and committee intern

Csilla is a first year PhD student in Media. Her project will examine and compare how the East European immigration is represented in British print and online press, and how the topic of migration is represented in Hungarian media.

She holds an MA degree in Journalism & Political Communication from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and she finished her BA studies in University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

During her studies she took part in several projects and media research, with the accent on the majority-minority relationships and how certain nations, religious groups and children are presented in media, especially in the post-war area in former Yugoslavia.

She spent nearly 12 years working as a journalist, programme and news editor, and beside this she was an event organiser and PR officer, organising a three days long art competition for highs school students.

As an Intern, she supports the committee, updates the social media, the website and the blog, prepares and edits the conference booklets. She enjoys working for such an honorable event where hopefully everyone can hear some answers on their questions.

The ideal job for her would be working for a media research institute, examining – of course – the majority-minority relationships.