Cristina Peligra

  • PhD student and committee co-chair

Cristina is a second year AHRC-funded PhD student in Translation Studies at Newcastle University. Her research deals with textual and paratextual translation strategies to tackle issues of culture and identity in Dutch postcolonial fiction. She holds a PG Certificate in Research Training from Newcastle University, and a Master’s degree in Modern Languages for International Communication and Cooperation from the University of Padua, Italy, where she learned German and Dutch. She also studied in Leiden, The Netherlands, and in Würzburg, Germany, where she focused on Intercultural Competence. She enjoys meeting new people and speaking different languages, two central tasks in her previous work experiences and current volunteering activities. She loves rock climbing, sci-fi fiction and thriller films, but mainly to travel.

Cristina has also organised the HaSS First Year PG Conference in June 2016 and worked since then on the RoF Conference 2017. She has gathered the PhD researchers’ feedback, and their doubts, fears and wishes for their future, to shape this year’s event according to their needs. As joint Chair of the RoF Student Committee, she has successfully applied for funding, acted as speakers’ liaison, written blog posts and promotional material. She wishes that this conference will help her peers to understand the variety of research skills and their value in many different professional and academic fields.