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Speaker Profile : Se-Shauna Wheatle

  • Research Associate, Durham Law School

Se-shauna Wheatle is currently Research Associate in Public Law at Durham Law School. She was previously Lecturer in Law at Exeter College, University of Oxford, where she taught UK Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. She achieved her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of the West Indies before attending the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar to read for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL). She has since completed a Master of Philosophy in Law on the constitutionality of the criminalization of same-sex relations in Jamaica and a Doctor of Philosophy in Law at the University of Oxford on 'The Impact of Implied Constitutional Principles on Fundamental Rights Adjudication in Common Law Jurisdictions'.

In 2013, Se-shauna produced a report funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, entitled 'Adjudication in Homicide Cases involving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Persons in the Commonwealth Caribbean'. The report presents a comparative analysis of homicide cases involving LGBT persons in the Commonwealth Caribbean and of the treatment of such cases by Commonwealth Caribbean courts. Se-shauna’s current research interests lie in comparative human rights, common law constitutionalism, implied constitutional principles sexual orientation and the law, and comparative constitutionalism. She has written several papers and articles on common law principles, the separation of powers, comparative constitutional law, constitutional reform and the right to equality.