Keynote Speakers

Qin Wenjun

  • Children's Literature Author

Qin Wenjun is among China’s most honoured writers, having published more than 70 books and attained over 70 awards in children’s literature. Razor-sharp humour and empathetic understanding of the adolescent psyche are hallmarks of her works. She has given vivid accounts of youngsters’ mental development and masterfully described how they struggle when cast into complex and volatile environments. Her novel series featuring the teenage twins Jia Li and Jia Mei, as well as their friends at school, have been printed in more than 30 editions, adapted into 10 television series/ films and translated into various languages--Arabic, English, Dutch, Japanese and Korean to name a few. A beloved bestseller for decades, Jia Li in Junior High is the only Chinese book introduced in 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up. In the past decade, Qin has completed numerous prize-winning picture books and novellas. The awakening of girls, including bravery and self-discovery, has been a recurring theme in her recent works.