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TWIII + BioScalePro = Success in Berlin!

The BioRapid ESRs were enthusiastic to be received at the TUB for the Training Week 3. In this training week ESRs contacted with state of the art high throughput automated platforms used in R&D. Different other topics such as fed-batch cultivation, sensor development and modelling of bioprocesses (with fun and insightful practical sessions covering all those topics). 

BioRapid ESRs were also received at Sanofi headquarters in Berlin where interesting perspectives on the commercial and practical issues related with current pharmaceutical production were addressed.


Leaving the best for last, BioRapid ESRs are currently participating at one of the most important biotechnology conferences of the year, specially for the bioprocess research area: the 4th BioProScale Symposium.  Try to find us there!!!

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