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Timetable modification - day 3 workshop

Abstract submissions closed last week, and due to a high volume of submissions we are changing the timetable slightly to try and accommodate as many as possible. On the third day we are scheduled to run a workshop. This will now take place in the afternoon with participants divided into groups, and the morning will be dedicated to a final set of papers. There will be no additional charge for the extra day.

Due to a large demand for workshop places, we will now be running these in 2 hour blocks, on a first come first served basis based on date of registration.There will be 3 blocks of 15 participants, giving a total of 45 places. In addition we are hoping to offer a second workshop in pXRF that will run alongside the micromorphology workshop. There will also be an option for behind the scenes tours of the Great North Museum.

Last modified: Tue, 04 Apr 2017 14:16:02 BST