Session themes are as follows:

1.            Oceans and climate: tantalising new future predictions.

2.            From physics to fish: ecosystem interactions and physical controls.

3.            The power of microbes: microbial biogeochemistry, processes, mixotrophy etc.

4.            Fuel for ocean life:  nutrient sources, limitation, controls, importance / geochemistry.

5.            Technology and instrumentation: Innovation in autonomy and remote data acquisition.

6.            The rising tide of human impact: Plastics, pollution, large to nano-scale impacts.

7.            Sequencing the seas: The potential and limitations of eDNA for marine science.

8.            The marine extremes: From polar, chemosynthetic, and deep environments.

9.            On the sea shelf: physics, biogeochemistry and biology on the continental margins.


Challenger Programme 2018

Download the programme here: Challenger Conference Programme