Cultural Landscapes in the 21st Century
Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage 10th International Seminar
An Inter-Congress of the World Archaeological Congress
International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (ICCHS), University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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Conference Themes

1. Cultural Landscapes, Museums and Heritage (Tangible and Intangible)

  • Memory and place
  • Food and cultural landscapes
  • Music and place
  • Dance and place
  • Spiritual/religious landscapes
  • Indigenous landscapes
  • Language and place
  • Ecomuseums and cultural landscapes
  • Museums and cultural landscapes
  • Heritage sites and cultural landscapes
  • Archaeological heritage as cultural landscape
  • Natural Heritage and cultural landscapes

2. Cultural Landscapes and Visual Culture

  • Art galleries/art museums and their place in the cultural landscape
  • Artists and their relationship to specific locales
  • Landscape as art (e.g. gardens)
  • ‘Land art’
  • Permanent and temporary art interventions in the landscape
  • Public art in the landscape
  • Art galleries and regional/national identities
  • Rock art and cultural landscapes
  • Cultural landscapes and Virtual Reality

3. Cultural Landscapes, Identities, and Communities

  • Landscape as a part of international, national, regional, or local identity
  • Cultural landscapes and cultural diversity
  • Exclusion from cultural landscapes
  • Public participation in landscapes
  • Sustainable communities and cultural landscapes
  • Conflicting uses of cultural landscapes
  • Diaspora and migration within or across cultural landscapes
  • Exile and concepts of “home” – taking cultural landscape with you while leaving the geographical one behind
  • Place as intersection of different identities
  • Inventing new cultural landscapes and alternative conceptions of place

4. Cultural Landscapes, Tourism, and Economics

  • Landscapes as economic resource
  • Sustainability and landscapes
  • Ethics of using cultural landscapes
  • Balancing demands by tourists and locals upon cultural landscapes
  • Tourism as a means of regeneration for the landscape
  • Reinventing post-industrial landscapes as heritage landscapes
  • Heritage industry and cultural landscapes
  • Entertainment sector and its impact on cultural landscapes

5. Cultural Landscapes and Architecture

  • Cityscapes as cultural landscapes
  • Coastal landscapes
  • Rural landscapes
  • Signature buildings and cultural landscapes
  • The politics of listing architectural and landscape heritage
  • Managing historic buildings and landscapes
  • Managing historic buildings
  • Architecture and historic landscapes
  • Vernacular architecture and cultural landscapes
  • The designed landscape as cultural heritage

6. Cultural Landscapes and Education

  • Learning through cultural landscapes
  • Teaching cultural landscapes
  • Informal and formal learning systems and cultural landscapes
  • Lifelong learning and cultural landscapes
  • National curricula and cultural landscapes
  • Working with UNESCO World Heritage Education Project

7. Cultural Landscapes, Management and Protection

  • Funding cultural landscapes
  • Management plans/strategies for protecting cultural landscapes
  • Legislation and conventions (regional, national, and international)
  • Ethics and cultural landscapes
  • Governments and Cultural Landscapes
  • NGOs, International bodies and Cultural landscapes
  • Charities and the management/protection of cultural landscapes
  • Communities and their role in managing or protecting cultural landscapes
  • Managing conflicting interests/demands upon cultural landscapes
  • Issues of ownership, control, and legal/ethical rights
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