Laura Delgaty

Senior Lecturer

Laura Delgaty is a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University in the Masters of Medical Education Programme with an interest in, and academic responsibilities related to, TEL. She chairs NUTELA (Newcastle University Technology Enhanced Learning Advocates).



Richard Thomson

Clinical Sub-Dean: Northumbria Base Unit and Sub-Dean for Staff Development 
Northumbria Base Unit & Staff Development

Richard Thomson, is extremely involved with technology in undergraduate medical education

Richard is Clinical Sub-Dean: Northumbria Base Unit and Sub-Dean for Staff Development.


James Fisher

Consultant Geriatrician

James Fisher, Consultant geriatrician, has an interest and valuable experience in TEL. He has published work on perils of social media and co-delivered a symposium (Oslo, 2015) which explored the potential pitfall of putting technology before pedagogy.

Northumbria Healthcare


Jo Matthan

‌Lecturer (Anatomy and Clinical Skills)
Newcastle University

Jo Matthan is a lecturer (Anatomy and Clinical Skills) with a keen interest in TEL.

She has received awarded several funding awards and published widely concerning technology in medical education. 

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