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IWOTA 2004
  Newcastle upon Tyne
12-16 July 2004
  Merz Court

The next International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications (IWOTA) is being organised at the University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, where it will be held from Monday, 12 July to Friday, 16 July, 2004. IWOTA is conveniently scheduled near the time of the MTNS meeting (Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems), to which it started off as a satellite conference. In 2004, MTNS will be held the preceding week in Leuven, Belgium.

This IWOTA meeting will be the fifteenth in a series of highly successful IWOTA meetings. The previous IWOTA meetings were held in Santa Monica (1981), Rehovot (1983), Amsterdam (1985), Mesa AZ (1987), Rotterdam (1989), Sapporo (1991), Vienna (1993), Regensburg (1995), Bloomington (1995), Groningen (1998), Bordeaux (2000), Faro (2000), Blacksburg (2002) and Cagliari (2003). The organisers of the present meeting intend to adhere to the high standards set by these previous meetings.

The purpose of IWOTA 2004 is to bring together mathematicians and engineers interested in operator theory and its applications. Adhering to to the tradition of recent meetings, our focus is primarily on a few special themes, suggested by research existing at Newcastle University and other British universities:

  • applications of operator theory to function theory, including control theory,
  • multivariate operator theory and operator model theory,
  • spectral theory of non-selfadjoint operators, including differential operators,
  • operator spaces and their applications.

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List of conference registrants and talk titles

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Plenary speakers include:

Jim Agler (San Diego, USA)
Calin-Grigore Ambrozie (Bucharest, Romania)
William Arveson (Berkeley, USA)
Albrecht Boettcher (Chemnitz, Germany)
Isabelle Chalendar (Lyon, France)
Alastair Gillespie (Edinburgh, UK)
Israel Gohberg (Tel Aviv, Israel)
William Helton (San Diego, USA)
John McCarthy (St. Louis, USA)
Christian Le Merdy (Besançon, France)
Jonathan Partington (Leeds, UK)
Vern Paulsen (Houston, USA)
Vladimir Peller (Michigan, USA)
Malcolm Smith (Cambridge, UK)

Semi-plenary speakers include:

Damir Arov (Odessa, Ukraine)
Douglas Farenick (Regina, Canada)
Birgit Jacob (Dortmund, Germany)
Sjoerd Verduyn Lunel (Leiden, the Netherlands)
Manfred Möller (Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Sandra Pott (York, UK)
Andre Ran (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Eugene Shargorodsky (London, UK)
Patrick de Wilde (Delft, the Netherlands)
Dmitry Yakubovich (Madrid, Spain)

IWOTA 2004 is supported in part by grants from The London Mathematical Society, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK), and the National Science Foundation (USA).
The steering committee for IWOTA includes Israel Gohberg (president), Tsuyoshi Ando, Joseph Ball, Harm Bart, Hari Bercovici, Antonio Ferreira dos Santos, Aad Dijksma, Harry Dym, Ciprian Foias, William Helton (vice president), Marinus Kaashoek (vice president), Martin Klaus, Heinz Langer, Cornelis van der Mee, Reinhardt Mennicken, Nikolai Nikolskii, Leiba Rodman, Sebastian Seatzu and Joseph Stampfli.


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Here is a list of other conferences of possible interest to IWOTA participants, along with their web pages, where available.

COSY 19-23 May Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
(Canadian Operator Theory Symposium)
GPOTS 26-30 May College Station, Texas, USA
(Great Plains Operator Theory Seminar)
ECM 27 June - 2 July Stockholm, Sweden
(European Congress in Mathematics)
ICOT 30 June - 5 July Timisoara, Romania
(International Conference in Operator Theory)
OTAMP 6-11 July Bedlowo, Poland
(Operator Theory and Applications in Mathematical Physics)
MTNS 5-9 July Leuven, Belgium
(Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems)
IWOTA 12-16 July Newcastle, UK
(International Workshop in Operator Theory and Its Applications)
ILAS 19-22 July Coimbra, Portugal
(International Linear Algebra Society)
RANMAM 23-30 July Lancaster, UK
(Random Matrices at Ambleside)

International Workshop in Operator Theory and Its Applications, 2004
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne

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