Faculty of Medical Sciences Teaching and Learning Event

Teaching and Learning: Improving the Experience

9:30-16:30 Thursday 4 September 2008, The Medical School

Thank you for attending the Faculty of Medical Sciences Teaching and Learning event Teaching and Learning: Improving the Experience hosted by the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee and designed to celebrate, promote and share good practice in teaching and learning. The full programme is available to download(pdf).

This webpage is under development to update it with all of the materials from the presentations, and links to the ReCap recordings of the keynotes and parallel sessions.

The chair, Professor Suzanne Cholerton, and the Pro-vice Chancellor, Professor Chris Day, welcomed participants including the guest/keynote speakers Michael Begg (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Ged Byrne (Universities Medical Assessment Partnership, University of Manchester); and local teaching and learning specialists and students.

Participants were given a chance during workshops to use the latest educational technology ReCap and student response systems, portfolios and administration and subject specific developments, and hear and contribute to the debate on 'improving the experience'.

If you know what you are looking for then you can see the list of presentation files or the recorded parallel sessions in Lecture Theatre D. Please note that the sessions in Lecture Theatre C ReCap did not record exactly as anticipated, and we are working to correct this.

Programme (draft - 18/09/2008)

09:00 Registration, Refreshment and Posters - Reception

09:30 Welcome - Professor Chris Day, PVC, Faculty of Medical Sciences

    Lecture Theatre C
    Chair: Professor Suzanne Cholerton

09:50 Keynote Speaker - Gaming and Simulation - Mr Michael Begg, University of Edinburgh

    Lecture Theatre C
    Chair: Professor Suzanne Cholerton

10:30 Posters and Refreshments - Dental Mezzanine

11:00 Workshop 1

11:35 Oral Presentations - Parallel Sessions

1. Technologies in Teaching and Learning
2. Personal and Professional Development

12:50 Lunch and Posters

    Lunch served in the Dental School mezzanine area

14:00 Keynote Speaker - Assessment - Dr Ged Byrne, University of Manchester

    Lecture Theatre C
    Chair: Professor Suzanne Cholerton

14:40 Workshop 2

    Workshop 1 (14:40) eAdministration
    Mr Richard Moon and Mrs Katriona Watson - Fell/Pass Computer Cluster (A) (Page 47)

    Workshop 2 (14:40) A demonstration of the student response system
    Ms Carol Summerside and Dr David Kennedy - Lecture Theatre C (Page 62)

    Workshop 3 (14:40) Evaluating the introduction of an ePortfolio in clinical dentistry
    Mr Christopher Vernazza, Dr Janice Ellis, Mr David Teasdale, Dr Justin Durham, Mr Simon Cotterill, Mrs Lesley Scott, Mr Paul Drummond, Mr John Moss and Professor Mark Thomason - Fell/Pass Computer Cluster (B) (Page 64)

    Workshop 4 (14:40) Introduction to psychology network activities (towards professional development of staff)
    Dr Tom Simpson - Lecture Theatre D (Page 57)

15:15 Oral Presentations - Parallel Sessions

1. Preparing for Practice
2. Research-led Teaching and Learning

16:30 Round Up, Prizes and Close

    Lecture Theatre C
    Chair: Professor Suzanne Cholerton


Thank you to all the speakers and presenters, particularly the students, and those attending for helping to make this event such a success.

Newcastle logoWith thanks to the University Teaching and Learning and Committee for sponsoring the presentation and poster prizes.

Newcastle logoWith grateful thanks to the Quality Improvement in Learning and Teaching (QuILT) for sponsoring the keynote speakers.

MEDEV logoThanks also to the Higher Education Academy and its Subject Centres, particularly the Psychology Network and Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine for assisting with the organisation and sharing materials.

ASME logoThanks to the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) for sharing print and other publicity materials.

With grateful thanks to the Parallel Session chairs (Dr Tony McDonald, Professor John Spencer, Professor Chris Day and Professor Stephen McHanwell), and to the judges of the presentation and poster prizes. Thanks also to Mrs Rebecca McCready for assistance with workshop sessions in the computer clusters, to John Moss for arranging the ReCap recordings, and to Mr Leslie Moss ('front of house manager') for technical support.

Thank you also to John Moss for the abstract submission system and to Susanne Lewis for the website.

Finally we are indebted to members of the organising committee for their dedication to ensuing the success of this event:

  • Dr Debbie Bevitt
  • Mrs Anne-Marie Burke
  • Professor Suzanne Cholerton
  • Mr Gary Crozier
  • Mrs Laura Delgaty
  • Ms Sue Gill
  • Ms Lynn Harvey
  • Dr Joan Harvey
  • Dr David Kennedy
  • Mr Leslie Moss
  • Mrs Theresa Patrick
  • Mrs Sharon Percy
  • Dr Megan Quentin-Baxter
  • Mrs Rebecca Wassall

Past Information

Information which was provided to participants prior to the event can be found on the past information page.


Map of the layout of the venue

published on: 17th Sept 2008