Engineering Dependable Systems of Systems (EDSoS) 2014

The organisers would like to thank all the speakers and all those who attended EDSoS 2014. All papers presented at the workshop are available on ACM CoRR, and may be accessed via the Program page.

Systems of systems (SoS) are large-scale systems composed from the combination of several, often pre-existing, systems to provide some emergent functionality that cannot be provided by a single system.

SoS engineering encompasses a wide range of application domains; including emergency response, military, aerospace, transport, audio/visual and power grids. The constituent systems of an SoS are often independent, distributed and heterogeneous. Emergent properties related to dependability, such as security, safety and reliability are hard to predict and maintain due to the interaction of constituents within SoSs. The challenges posed by the characteristics of SoSs are further exacerbated by the increasing complexity of the requirements (and their tracing) of the SoS, the complexity of its underlying constituent systems and the increasing reliance being placed on the SoS. The engineering of dependable SoSs is essential to provide trust in large-scale critical systems.

The discipline of SoS engineering is still in its infancy and the application of established dependability concepts and fault-tolerance techniques in this context has not been fully explored. The workshop on Engineering Dependable Systems of Systems (EDSoS 2014) will aim to provide a forum for researchers and engineers in academia and industry to foster an exchange of research ideas, results and experiences and to advance the state of dependable engineering of SoSs.

Methods, tools and case studies papers from academia and industry are invited on, but not limited to, the following aspects of SoS:

We are pleased to announce that Hermann Kopetz will present an invited talk at EDSoS: “Why a global time is needed in a dependable SoS.”

EDSoS 2014 will be a 1-day workshop, held in conjunction with EDCC 2014. The workshop will be held on Tuesday 13th May 2014.