T3: Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

Monday morning
Maciej Sobczak, Inspirel

YAMI4 is a messaging solution for distributed systems, designed with particular attention to distributed real-time control systems. The tutorial will introduce the messaging paradigm as provided by YAMI4 libraries, with specific focus on differences with regard to established approaches like RPC. The realities of mission critical systems will be addressed by presenting related features such as working with fixed memory partitions, as well as compliance with the Ravenscar profile.

The tutorial will include code examples as well as on-the-fly demonstration of several simple systems like client-server, publish-subscribe, broker and load-balancing queues.


The tutorial is intended to be an introduction to YAMI4 as a messaging platform, but some language and domain background is required in order to fully benefit from the tutorial content:
- Intermediate knowledge of Ada with focus on tasking and interfaces,
- Beginner/Intermediate understanding of networking and distributed systems.

Reasons for attending

YAMI4 is one of the very few communication systems where Ada is inherently integrated in the whole software stack. Thanks to this focus, mission-critical features and lightweight implementation, YAMI4 can be an interesting candidate for use in distributed systems constructed in Ada. The audience will benefit from the first-hand insight and experience of the author and will gain the knowledge sufficient to use the messaging paradigm as an attractive alternative to more established communication solutions based on the RPC approach.

Short Biography

Maciej Sobczak is a founder and CEO of Inspirel, a software engineering and consulting company that focuses on high-quality infrastructure components for distributed and database systems. Maciej’s recent working experience includes several years as a senior engineer in the distributed control system at the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN, Geneva).
The author has lecturing experience from his independent consulting work and gave an industrial presentation at the Ada-Europe’10 conference in Valencia. He is also recognized for his open-source contributions as well as publications in international journals devoted to software engineering, including the Ada User Journal. As a designer of YAMI4, Maciej Sobczak has the most appropriate level of expertise in the area covered by this tutorial.